Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Job growth remains strong!

It's well-established law. The legal obligation is no doubt serious, but in a situation like the current market, where vacancy rates hover near 1%, the problem of locating a suitable assignee is not nearly so burdensome as it sounds. And the rule generally applicable to the situation is that the landlord "may refuse to allow an assignation or sublease," but "not unreasonably." This means the landlord only has a veto right--for good cause--over the tenant's choice. It doesn't mean the landlord gets _his_ choice. The reason for this law is because the vacating tenant will ultimately still bear some legal responsibility through the term of the lease, so he should have the right to determine with whom he contracts that term.
Tenants should also be aware landlords and their form leases in this city very often misstate or blatantly misrepresent their actual rights; it is the governing common and statutory law that controls each party's rights, _not_ whatever wording the landlord and his lawyer have decided to insert into the lease.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The greed of bankers

I seem to remember the oil companies promising that Alaskan oil would help supplies here on the west coast. Surprise, surprise, they later started selling most of it to the Asian markets and our prices went up locally. We also have a different mixture because of the dirty oil we do get from up north, leaving tons of toxic cancer causing chemicals in the air here that aren't allowed anywhere else in America, because of higher refining prices. We didn't get to vote on that either. Oil companies dictate who gets what oil and speculators dictate prices, meanwhile republican candidates and their peers stir the pot and Iran gets more paranoid.
Pretty soon we'll be able to hopscotch from platform to platform across the Arctic as well as the Gulf. As a result of all this extra oil at the rate we're burning it permafrost melts and our atmosphere gets inundated with 70 billion tons of methane, equivalent to all CO2 released over the last 200 years. This combined with forests disapearing in Asia and South America and soon we'll need gas for our boats rather than cars. We need to get serious about alternatives if we are to survive.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Surely you jest!

There are too many law schools producing too many lawyers for too few jobs. Shutting down all the tier four law schools will at least stunt the supply. Those schools are jokes, nobody gets a job coming out of them. The ABA should remove their accreditation and let them die. The schools have no incentive to decrease class size--they get paid regardless of the students' eventual success. And, apparently, there will always be students willing to pay the ridiculous tuition. A private law school is across the street from my office, and it charges $36,000 annually for tuition. It is not highly ranked, and I don't know any practicing lawyers who attended it. Nonetheless, it seems to have a steady stream of willing customers who, based on my interaction with some of them, believe they'll all be entertainment lawyers or constitutional scholars. Rest assured, Phoenix is not a hotbed for either practice area, and I'm fairly certain that established schools are producing quite enough lawyers to fill those (and any other) legal service needs. Unless you're planning to become a barista who likes to have engaging conversations with customers, a law degree only prepares you for one thing, and there aren't enough opportunites for that one thing to make it worthwhile for at least 50% of the people attending law school now.

Monday, March 5, 2012

How can someone use a finite resource so cavalierly?

This POTUS has been in campaign mode ever since he got elected. Instead of devoting his time to try to solve the huge issues that face our nation, he is either at a fund raiser or campaigning somewhere on the taxpayers dime. You libs can still play the blame game on George Bush but even with the war he didn't raise our dificit by over 5 and half trillion dollars and still counting or preside over a downgrade in our nations credit rating. Our groceries have gone up over 30% and will still climb between now and the election and lets not even mention the price of gasoline. While your president was busy blaming the Japanese tsunami, the atms for outsourcing jobs, creating a whole segment of society where 44 million people are on foodstamps, 24 million and counting are unemployed our country has needed a president that had some leadership and answers for the issues that face this great nation. He is not competent for this job and I think someone else needs to lead this country beginning 2013. Four years of Obama is enough and the people will show that at the polls when they go vote with empty bellies and empty tanks of gas. That, my friends will get out the vote but not the kind Obama wants.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Take a look at the prices in the rest of the world and stop whining!!

His energy policies have not helped energy prices do anything but rise. His religion is green energy and to make fossil fuel energy more expensive so of course he is responsible for higher energy prices. He fails to understand we need lower cost of living and doing business in the US, his policies do just the opposite with obamacare, subsides for green energies, higher taxes and lower deductions for energy companies and his backing out of the middle east conflicts emboldens Iran to saber rattle without worry about US intervention.
Talking isnt going to fix anything nor explain how the facts are different. He lamely takes credit for higher oil and gas production which is all on non federally controlled land where production is down due to his delay and add regs on top of state regs. His followers may believe he is the great orator and can do no wrong but his actions prove otherwise if one pays attention.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oil will not last forever

Germany has 10x the GDP of Greece, and half the ratio of debt to GDP. One easy way to save Greece is for Germany to take out $300bil in loans at its low interest rate, buy up all of Greece's debt, and allow Greece to refinance its debt to slightly above what German debt costs.
The Greek economy would be relieved of its crushing debt burden, the EU would be saved (even strengthened), and Germany would actually make a small profit on the deal.
Alternatively, we could drag out this crisis for another decade as Greece relies on Germany for bailout after bailout to finance debt that it cannot afford. Or we could just let Greece default, markets collapse, and the EU dissolve.