Saturday, March 10, 2012

Surely you jest!

There are too many law schools producing too many lawyers for too few jobs. Shutting down all the tier four law schools will at least stunt the supply. Those schools are jokes, nobody gets a job coming out of them. The ABA should remove their accreditation and let them die. The schools have no incentive to decrease class size--they get paid regardless of the students' eventual success. And, apparently, there will always be students willing to pay the ridiculous tuition. A private law school is across the street from my office, and it charges $36,000 annually for tuition. It is not highly ranked, and I don't know any practicing lawyers who attended it. Nonetheless, it seems to have a steady stream of willing customers who, based on my interaction with some of them, believe they'll all be entertainment lawyers or constitutional scholars. Rest assured, Phoenix is not a hotbed for either practice area, and I'm fairly certain that established schools are producing quite enough lawyers to fill those (and any other) legal service needs. Unless you're planning to become a barista who likes to have engaging conversations with customers, a law degree only prepares you for one thing, and there aren't enough opportunites for that one thing to make it worthwhile for at least 50% of the people attending law school now.