Sunday, March 11, 2012

The greed of bankers

I seem to remember the oil companies promising that Alaskan oil would help supplies here on the west coast. Surprise, surprise, they later started selling most of it to the Asian markets and our prices went up locally. We also have a different mixture because of the dirty oil we do get from up north, leaving tons of toxic cancer causing chemicals in the air here that aren't allowed anywhere else in America, because of higher refining prices. We didn't get to vote on that either. Oil companies dictate who gets what oil and speculators dictate prices, meanwhile republican candidates and their peers stir the pot and Iran gets more paranoid.
Pretty soon we'll be able to hopscotch from platform to platform across the Arctic as well as the Gulf. As a result of all this extra oil at the rate we're burning it permafrost melts and our atmosphere gets inundated with 70 billion tons of methane, equivalent to all CO2 released over the last 200 years. This combined with forests disapearing in Asia and South America and soon we'll need gas for our boats rather than cars. We need to get serious about alternatives if we are to survive.