Monday, March 5, 2012

How can someone use a finite resource so cavalierly?

This POTUS has been in campaign mode ever since he got elected. Instead of devoting his time to try to solve the huge issues that face our nation, he is either at a fund raiser or campaigning somewhere on the taxpayers dime. You libs can still play the blame game on George Bush but even with the war he didn't raise our dificit by over 5 and half trillion dollars and still counting or preside over a downgrade in our nations credit rating. Our groceries have gone up over 30% and will still climb between now and the election and lets not even mention the price of gasoline. While your president was busy blaming the Japanese tsunami, the atms for outsourcing jobs, creating a whole segment of society where 44 million people are on foodstamps, 24 million and counting are unemployed our country has needed a president that had some leadership and answers for the issues that face this great nation. He is not competent for this job and I think someone else needs to lead this country beginning 2013. Four years of Obama is enough and the people will show that at the polls when they go vote with empty bellies and empty tanks of gas. That, my friends will get out the vote but not the kind Obama wants.