Saturday, March 3, 2012

Take a look at the prices in the rest of the world and stop whining!!

His energy policies have not helped energy prices do anything but rise. His religion is green energy and to make fossil fuel energy more expensive so of course he is responsible for higher energy prices. He fails to understand we need lower cost of living and doing business in the US, his policies do just the opposite with obamacare, subsides for green energies, higher taxes and lower deductions for energy companies and his backing out of the middle east conflicts emboldens Iran to saber rattle without worry about US intervention.
Talking isnt going to fix anything nor explain how the facts are different. He lamely takes credit for higher oil and gas production which is all on non federally controlled land where production is down due to his delay and add regs on top of state regs. His followers may believe he is the great orator and can do no wrong but his actions prove otherwise if one pays attention.