Monday, January 21, 2013

Get line-item veto

I'm more than glad that Mr. Obama was re-elected. I was relieved, at the level of my very survival.

Romney would've destroyed Social Security, which is all I have. I'm profoundly disabled, unable to work. Romney's election would have been my death warrant.

But I didn't vote for Obama just for that reason. He has proven to be the best president we've ever had. This, despite some disappointments. He had the courage, and the statesmanship, to not wither under the unceasing obstructionism of the Republicans. A lesser man would have crumpled before them. Although trying for a long time to negotiate, to bring unity, to our government was an exercise in futility, he HAD to do his best, or would;ve lost our trust.......

Now he knows how pointless it is. As do WE. And now, he will put his foot down on these destructive people. No second-term president has EVER had to put up with the evil he had to face every single day, and try to work with, to get re-elected.

His mettle has been tested. He's now ready to take on his obstructionists, without having to give in much to gain their support for measures he wants passed. He has ripped the veil of respectability from the right, showing the world its pimply backside. He did this by letting THEM show it, through their own statements and actions.

Ban all lobbying. Get line-item veto. Block voting cheats.

This term, he has gained latitude he didn't have before. History will record him as the best president, ever.

Obama, I'm so glad you're here!!!!!